CHAS accreditation for Solstice SW

CHAS accreditation for Solstice SW

By 2nd December 2014 Solstice News No Comments

Our health and safety awareness goes from strength to strength as we are pleased to announce our inclusion to the safe contractor network. We would like to thank all employees of Solstice (SW) Ltd for their good work in ensuring safe working environments at all times. We are also pleased to announce the securing of CHAS accreditation which allows us to now be a local authority approved contractor.

We are pleased to now announce our expansion into the social housing upgrading schemes, which allows our wealth of knowledge and experience to be utilised in this growing market.

Solstice (SW) Ltd have now also been awarded ROSPA Silver award 2010 for health and safety awareness.

Finally may we thank all employees who played/cheated in the annual Solstice (SW) Ltd golf tournament, can I suggest that whoever took the Managing Directors winning cup home that they return it immediately as we all know he takes this very seriously and already has a space ready for this cup pride of place in his office, sad but true!!